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Christian Bible curriculum successfully used by homechoolers,

churches, and Christian schools

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Now you can get affordable Christian Bible curriculum that has been successfully used for years by homeschooling families, churches, and Christian schools.

Hi, I’m Kaye Freeman, author of the Train-up A Child Bible curriculum. The workbooks are non-denominational. I wanted them to be age-appropriate, so I used the New International Version Bible, which is written at an 8th-grade-level, for the pre-teen/teen series. The New International Reader's Version Bible, which is written at a 3rd-grade-level, is used for the elementary-age series. I personally prefer the New King James Version Bible, but it’s just not age-appropriate for the students for which I write. I wanted students to enjoy the workbooks while, at the same time, learning to apply God's Word to their lives.

I’m a teacher and homeschooled my own children. The Train-up workbooks are designed to help students grow both spiritually and academically. I have incorporated a varied question format, and there are quizzes and an answer key printed on perforated pages at the conclusion of each workbook.

Homeschooling families as well as churches and Christian schools have been using the Train-up curriculum for years. You can read about their experiences on our Testimonials page of this website.

Upon purchase, the workbooks are ready to use. Lessons are designed to get students to really think about their lives and how to apply God’s Word to day-to-day situations they face. The workbooks are enjoyable to complete as students learn the discipline of studying the Bible. It's a discipline that will serve them well into adulthood.

If you’re ready to start using a Christian Bible curriculum that other teachers and homeschoolers are already using, take advantage of our affordable prices. Click below to discover the best workbooks for your students, and get them hooked on God’s word!

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