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A 32-lesson workbook exploring the Old Testament from the creation story to the return of the Jewish Remnant followed by a 24 lesson workbook detailing the Savior's upcoming birth to His glorious ascension back to the Father. Pre-teens and teens will journey with Christ through His walk upon the earth and witness the birth of the Christian church.

Pre-teens & Teens - A Journey through the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Acts

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  • Written by Kaye Freeman, who has sold thousands of Christian Bible study workbooks for children and teens, A Journey through the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Acts is perfect for anyone reading at or above an 8th-grade level and is hungry to learn the Bible. The book takes its reader through the entire Old Testament from the creation story in Genesis to an in-depth study of the Minor Prophets. Readers will meet and study about Abraham and his descendants as they leave the land God had given Abraham and join Joseph in Egypt. Studying about the Israelites' exile from Egypt, readers will realize the importance of trusting and obeying God even in the wilderness. Teachings from Major Prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah are examined. Job's testing and the importance of what he learned are also covered in this title. Lastly, readers will meet the Minor Prophets and learn some of their valuable teachings. In all, there are 32 lessons from the Old Testament as well as 8 quizzes and an answer key. Once the reader has finished his/her study of the Old Testament, he/she will begin a Journey through the Gospels and Acts. The life of Jesus--His teachings, arrest, crucifixion, and glorious resurrection--are closely examined in this portion of the workbook. Readers will also read about various apostles and their teachings. This title will conclude with the study of Paul and his incredible transformation and ministry. This portion of the workbook includes 24 lessons, 6 quizzes, and an answer key. All in all, A Journey through the Old Testament, the Gospels, and Acts contains 56 lessons, 14 quizzes, and two answer keys. The title is perfect for individual Bible study, classroom study, cell groups, Sunday School classes, and home schoolers. It is based on the NIV translation of the Bible.


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