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3 Book Collection - Teens/Pre-Teens

Purchase this set of 3 pre-teen/teen workbooks and save $4.00.

3 Book Collection - Teens/Pre-Teens

$23.97 Regular Price
$19.97Sale Price
  • Purchase this set of 3 pre-teen/teen workbooks and save $4.00. Each workbook contains 16 illustrated lessons, 4 quizzes, and an answer key. That’s a total of 48 lessons and 12 quizzes! In Godly Relationships, students will learn not only how to build a close relationship with God, but they will also learn what God’s Word has to say about building relationships with others. In Bible Covenants, pre-teens and teens will discover some of the Old Testament covenants that God established with His people, and they will also study about the New Testament covenant that believers have through faith in Christ Jesus. In Jesus in the Old Testament, students will examine Old Testament prophecies concerning Christ from His birthplace and lineage to His ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection. Each workbook is certain to strengthen the reader’s faith as God’s Word becomes alive in his/her heart and life. For a more detailed description of each title, click on that particular title.

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