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2 Books in One - Old Testament, Gospels, Acts

Purchase this 2 title pre-teen/teen workbook and save!

2 Books in One - Old Testament, Gospels, Acts

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  • Purchase this set of 2 pre-teen/teen workbooks and save! Each workbook contains 24 lessons, 6 quizzes, and an answer key. That’s a total of 48 lessons and 12 quizzes! In A Journey through the Old Testament, students will explore the Old Testament from the creation story to the return of the Jewish people to their God-given land and learn that the Old Testament is an amazing collection of books to study. In A Journey through the Gospels and Acts, pre-teens and teens will journey with Christ through His walk upon the earth and witness the birth of the Christian church. In addition, students will read several of the apostles’ works and discover how to apply their valuable teachings to their own lives. For a more detailed description of each title, click on that particular title.

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