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Workbooks that require no preparation time for the teacher

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Have you used workbooks for Bible study that made you put together your own lessons for your students, taking a lot of preparation before you can even start teaching? What if you had Christian workbooks that took care of the preparation for you with ready-made quizzes and answer keys and even included fun activities to do in between lessons?


My name is Kaye Freeman. I’m a certified language arts teacher, and I homeschooled our children. When it came to finding an easy-to-use Bible curriculum that I could trust, I had the same problem you probably have experienced. I wanted to teach my children about the Bible, so they could get a better understanding of God's Word and how to apply it to their lives. I found Bible study curriculum and workbooks, but they required hours of preparation time on my part before I could even teach the lessons. A lot of these books were not even workbooks; they weren’t enjoyable for children to read, and there weren’t any ready-made quizzes or activities in them at all.


I wanted my children to learn about the Bible while having fun. This is how I started the Train-Up A Child workbook series. I authored these books so they would be easy to use, and children could read through them by themselves. Inside are quizzes printed on easy-to-tear, perforated pages to help monitor students' progress. For the younger elementary age children, there are different fun activities at the end of each lesson.


If you want a Bible study curriculum you can start using right away, take advantage of our package deals. Click on our book page below to choose the best workbooks for your students, and get them hooked on God's Word.


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