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Frequently Asked Questions

What religion/denomination are the books written for?
These books are written in a non-denominational Christian style.

Which Bible version is used for these books?
For the elementary school level books, the NIrV (New International Reader’s Version) is used. For the middle/high school level books, the NIV (New International Version) is used. These versions were chosen to match the reading level of the students.

What age range of children are these books for?
The elementary workbooks are written for children between 3rd and 5th grade (elementary school level). The pre-teen/teen workbooks are written for age 12 and up (middle/high school level). These workbooks are written at an 8th grade reading level.

How much preparation is needed to teach from these books?
There is no preparation needed! These books are ready to use immediately.

What kinds of questions are in the books?
The books have different question formats; they include short answer, matching, true/false, fill in the blank, and multiple choice questions.

Are there quizzes in the books?
Yes, there are quizzes in these books. Also included is an answer key in the back with easy, tear-off, perforated pages.

Can I trust the academic quality of these books?
The author, Kaye Freeman, is a certified language arts teacher. These books have been written by a teacher, for teachers.

Won’t elementary school students get bored with workbooks?
There are extra activities built into the books for elementary children to keep them both educated and entertained. These include: coloring pages, mazes, crosswords, dot-to-dot pictures, word searches, and more.

How long does it take to get through each book?
If a lesson is completed everyday (Monday-Friday), a 16-lesson book will take a month. A 24-lesson book will take 6 weeks, and the 80-lesson workbook will take 5 months.

If I don’t like the book or it doesn’t work for my child, can I get a refund?
Yes, we will offer full refunds for returned books.

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